Summer Without Structure

Monday 2 May 2005

My wife Susan Senator has an op-ed piece in this morning’s Washington Post: Summer Without Structure. We’re excited about it because it is her third op-ed for them, and because it’s about one of our typical (not autistic) boys.

Could I ask a favor of any Washington-area readers? Could you send me a physical copy of the page?


That's awesome. I totally remember doing the same thing during my summers. I went to summer camp just one year (my mother was working there, so I got in free), and that was ok. A little scary at first (I had to sleep in a cabin with the other campers, while my mother and sister had their own camper in the staff section), but fun. I think lazy summers are still the best though. Not having anything to do for a couple months is awesome. You run around with your friends, create things, take things apart, and just play. Isn't that what being a kid is all about?
Very interesting article. My memories of summer as a kid were of days that blended together, with no structure. It was GREAT!
However, as my wife pointed out - the problem can sometimes be : most (all?) of your kid's friends
are going to camp. What does your boy do now? If he wants to hang out with his friends, have a pickup game or whatever - not easy to do if 90% of his friends are at camp. On top of that, there's the accompanying "peer pressure".

Excellent article, nonetheless.

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