First Segway

Thursday 14 July 2005This is nearly 18 years old. Be careful.

I had my first Segway ride the other day. I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I’ve ridden unicycles before, and a Segway has nearly twice as many wheels. But right after I got off, I had this odd sensation of normal walking being incredibly clumsy, kind of like the way scuba flippers make you feel, where you have to take exaggerated steps, and think about lifting each foot and putting it down again.

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I'm wicked jealous. Where did you get to try out a Segway? Would you ever buy one? My issue with the Segway is that I have no idea where I would ever have reason to use it.
The Segway belongs to a co-worker, who brought it in for us all to try. My understanding is that it was a Bar Mitzvah present to his son!
I got a chance to ride on a Segwqy last year. It was a little weird but very easy after the first few seconds. I never mastered the unicycle so you definitely don't need a keen sense of balance. But as President Bush discovered, you do need to make sure that it's turned on before jumping on :-)

The coolest part of the Segway is how natural the active balance works. Heck I think the could even build a unicycle like this that even I could ride...

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