Doorknob monsters and Jimwich’s faces

Sunday 11 September 2005

The other day, my seven-year-old showed me a “doorknob monster”. You look at a door edge-on, the doorknobs on either side are the eyes (on stalks!), and the latch thingy is the tongue. You can make the tongue move in and out by turning the knob:

A demonstration of the doorknob monster

It reminded me of Jimwich’s faces, a series of office objects that look like faces. My favorite is the operatic stapler, which I didn’t even “get” until my son pointed it out to me.


Growing up in my house, we had a lot of lightly stained woodwork around the house. There are numerous places I remember seeing distinct "monster" faces in the knots of the wood. The really memorable ones were in the doors and trim that I often stared at when I was having trouble getting to sleep... didn't help much.

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