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Tuesday 4 January 2005

Scoble has advice for job seekers:

Forget the resume. That won’t get you a job in today’s market. Your blog will, however.

I don’t know whether this is true or not. I guess a blog couldn’t hurt. Someday I’ll need a job, and this will be a prime place to announce it. In fact, one of the things that got me to start this blog was the idea that I’d need a place someday from which to shout, “Help!” I’m glad at least one person thinks it will help.


Jeff Atwood 8:02 PM on 4 Jan 2005

Unfortunately, Scoble is 99% full of crap.

There is that 1% chance though.

mikey 8:36 PM on 4 Jan 2005

hmm, full of crap, there is quite a lot of it about these days...

Ben Poole 6:47 AM on 5 Jan 2005

I'm sceptical about this, and posted as such both at the Scobleizer and on my own site. However, I guess I'm willing to believe that weblogs can and do make a difference for those in the so-called "A list"... ;o)

Simon Willison 7:55 AM on 5 Jan 2005

I got my last job almost entirely on the strength of my blog. I think it depends very much on the field you work in and the kind of material you write about though.

Bob 12:09 PM on 5 Jan 2005

Hmm, I blog about trunk monkeys and other such silliness. What kind of job can I get with that? ;-)

Robert Scoble 1:06 PM on 5 Jan 2005

Yes, I'm full of crap, but why don't you listen to the professionals:

They say they Google every job applicant they consider. They aren't the only ones I've heard this from.

Ned Batchelder 1:21 PM on 5 Jan 2005

The video is cute: I guess it's aimed at college kids who have no idea what happens on job interviews (they cover stuff like where to park, what the receptionist will do, etc!). The part I liked best was having two Microsoft employees, one saying "Don't use Word for your resume", and the other saying "Google" instead of "MSN Search"!

andrew 1:28 PM on 5 Jan 2005

Hmm, I think that my blog will just get me a job as a right-wing crank. Is there any money in that?

Bob 2:00 PM on 5 Jan 2005

Andrew: isn't being a right-wing crank reward enough?

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