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Tuesday 26 April 2005This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

A mysterious link from Jim Flanagan’s del.icio.us page led me to QRコードBlog (“Not just about QR code; all the entries are in QR code”). I encountered a site with many graphics, a little bit of text in Japanese, and many odd-looking black and white mosaic images. These turned out to be QR Code, a 2D barcode developed about 10 years ago in Japan and now an international standard.

Nowadays, Japanese cell phones come equipped to scan these code with their built-in cameras, so QR code is extremely popular as a way to get data into cell phones. For example, business cards are printed with QR-encoded versions of personal data, allowing a recipient to simply take a picture of the card, and all the info is slurped into the phone.

So QRコードBlog is not only about QR code (including such eccentricities as QR implemented as chocolate sauce on a white chocolate bar), but all of the entries are encoded in QR as well. Not to be outdone, here’s the first paragraph of this entry as QR:

A QR code rendition of a paragraph of text

(The image came from QR Code Generator.)


Dennis Crowley, an acquintance of mine from college, is all into where mobile technology and social interaction meet. His main application is dodgeball.com, a cell phone social networking tool for NYC hipsters. Pretty cool stuff, provided you are an urbanite. One of his degree projects, ConQwest , used these QR codes in a live action game on the streets of several US cities.

Seems that the NYC scene is all into photo-blogging too, his photo site is pretty funny. Its funny seeing other folks from my college experience show up in random places on the web.
This is cool stuff! I posted a little animated GIF of the windows QRCode generator in action:

Also, just to clarify: Crowley used semacode ( http://semacode.org/ ) , which appears to be a westernized version of QRCode. Not the same thing, although I am perplexed why we needed Yet Another Standard Yet Again..
To generate QR Codes on website for free, check this website out:free online QR Code barcode generator

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