Structured wikis

Thursday 10 November 2005

Dan Bricklin has announced his next Software Garden product: WikiCalc. I haven’t tried it, but it looks like a client-side wiki thing with embedded spreadsheet behaviour. I’m fascinated by the addition of structured to wikis. At work, I installed TWiki, which has a wide array of features for dealing with wiki pages in organized ways. It reminded me a little bit of Notes, the way documents carry structured information, and the system provides ways to add little bits of “code” to pages to build applications. TWiki doesn’t rise to Notes’ level of programmability, but is far more flexible in the ways parts can be combined.

I know there are others as well: JotSpot comes to mind, but I’ve never used it. I’d love to build a structured wiki: it’s in a sweet spot at the intersection of document production, web technologies, and developers as customers.


Make sure you keep that TWiki patched!

I've also long wanted to build a wiki with "complex" content elements (like calendars, events, recipes, trouble tickets, etc., where the element objects (behavior and presentation) can be easily defined through the web interface).
Is WikiCalc just the ability to embed a spreadsheet in a wiki page? That seems to be the only special thing it does, unless I'm missing something.
Ned -

If you haven't already, check out Dabble DB.

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