Winspector and Zoom+

Thursday 1 December 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

Russ Freeman has a few handy tools available: Winspector is a window inspector, like Spy++, but slicker. I don’t need to inspect Windows windows much these days, but I can see how well implemented this tool is. And Zoom+ is a windows magnifier that just gets the details right.


Thanks for the tip -- Zoom+ looks like it will be very handy. BTW, another freeware utility with related functionality is MWSnap ( It's a freeware screen capture utility, and also throws in a zoom feature. MWSnap doesn't do zooming as nicely as Zoom+, but it does offer some useful capture features.
Paul, thanks, that is a great screen capture tool!
Here is another recommendation for a great screen capture utility - Snippy. No zoom facility in this one though.

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