These are my blog postings about faith, worship and other religious topics:

20 Apr 2006:

The brick testament  also: lego

30 Sep 2005:

Religious tensions

30 Jun 2005:

The Tens of Commandments  also: politics

18 May 2005:

The mermaid  also: history

26 Apr 2005:

Dictatorship of relativism  also: politics

14 Apr 2005:

Abston Church of Christ  also: lego

26 Jun 2004:

Life of Pi  also: books, reviews

9 Apr 2004:

A joke for passover  also: funny

26 Oct 2003:

Women weren't designed for homemaking  also: society

25 Oct 2003:

Women were designed for homemaking  also: society

19 Oct 2003:

The rite stuff  also: autism, susan

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