Danielle Strachman: hemispheric integration and juggling

Sunday 16 October 2005This is 18 years old. Be careful.

My son Nat has had a number of tutors over the years. Through trial and error, we discovered that the best tutors were not the ones with the best training. Although training helped, the most important things in a tutor were a natural predisposition to working hard with a sometimes unwilling student; an enthusiasm I sometimes refered to as “over-caffeinated”; and a centered-ness that allowed the tutor to persevere even when the student was overtly hostile. One of our tutors who fit this description to a T was Danielle Strachman. She is now in San Diego, and has a blog, Heightened Learning, which covers educational topics of all sorts.

Her post about Hemispheric Integration and Juggling caught my eye. It’s about how juggling might help disabled childrens’ brains. You should definitely look at the video linked at the end, which shows a kid solving a Rubik’s Cube with one hand while juggling two cubes with the other.


Mathew Crawford 5:19 PM on 18 Oct 2005
Danielle is a friend of mine and has a great perspective on learning, particularly with unusual students.

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