What’s Special About This Number?

Friday 11 November 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

For you math geeks out there: have you ever wanted to know what was unusal about a particular number and had nowhere to go? What’s Special About This Number? can tell you. For example, 1789 is the smallest number with the property that its first 4 multiples contain the digit 7. And that’s one of the more ordinary factoids in the list...


This site is in a similiar vein, but provides a few more titbits for each number:
Prime Curios!

(It has info on any kind of number, despite the title.)
Did you notice the fav.ico for the site is 68? When I look at the entry for 68, it says:

"68 is the last 2-digit string to appear in the decimal expansion of π [pi]."

Huh? Is that a joke or am I misunderstanding what that says?
I didn't notice that! I guess it is a joke...
Your site is quite boring!

The best exhaustive site on numbers is simply:

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