CSS Hacks table

Thursday 10 November 2005This is over 17 years old. Be careful.

An awesome table of all of the known CSS Hacks, and which browsers see which. If you don’t know what I’m talking about: CSS Hacks are the dirty underbelly of Cascading Style Sheets, where the differences in CSS implementation in the different browsers are worked around by exploiting differences in the parsers to have certain rules exposed only to certain browsers. Yuk!


That dirty underbelly is not on CSS, it's on the browser's implementation of the W3C spec.

CSS, like San Dimas High School Football, rules.
I didn't mean to cast aspersions on the shining ivory tower that is CSS. It's just that when you set out to embrace the goodness, you find yourself mired in these real world uglinesses.
That's not ALL the css hacks available. They're missing a few that I like to use. The simplest to explain is IE's double class bug.

.red{color: red;}
.ie-only.red{color: blue;}

Comes out blue in IE because IE can't handle the intersection of multiple classes and treats the last class as if it were the only class.
Karl, thank you, that gets added to MY list.

Ned, CSS is what it is, but man alive, is it helpful.

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