ANTLR in Python

Friday 29 April 2005

Updates often beget updates. Yesterday I tweaked my Python parsing tools, which prompted Bruce Dickey and Sergej Zagursky to write in to say that ANTLR now generates Python parsers.

ANTLR is a mature parser generator. It is written in Java, but can generate parsers in Java, C++, C#, and now Python. Due to its long history, it has a large user base, which means a large collection of available grammars. ANTLR is a powerful and popular system, and its addition to the Python toolset is good news.

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Alexander Belchenko 7:32 AM on 5 May 2005

Link to Sergey Zagursky is sligtly incorrect (http::// -- there is superfluous semicolon after `http:'

Ned Batchelder 10:45 AM on 5 May 2005

Oops! Fixed.

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