What Rain Man can teach system administrators


Is this simply notable or amusing, or do you have a deeper concern regarding this behavior?

Would you annoyed if test servers were named after historically recognized paranoid folks or Olympic athletes?
I find it amusing. Why not name servers this way? QA servers named for obsessive or paranoid (or both) people sounds great to me!
If someone named an vibrating polishing machine after a turrets or epileptic reference, I'd be offended.
Either I don't understand the reference, or you guys are totally missing the point (maybe both?)

Qantas has never crashed.

It has nothing to do with autism, or paranoia, or nuthin' like that.

And where the heck is the pun?
DeanG - sure, if you named a server after someone known for something bad, then sure. But we're talking about naming a server after an airline (not a single person) known for a good thing - no crashes (except that as people have pointed out on the linked site, they have had crashes).

I, too, find it amusing. Creative naming of machines is a fun pasttime. Here at work we tend to name subnetworks using a common theme - we have greek gods in the "Olympia" domain, characters from the Flintstones in the "Bedrock" domain, all our printers are named after Simpsons' characters, etc.

I love the idea of using names Qantas for a server you don't want to crash. It's incredibly clever (regardless of whether or not Qantas has ever really had a crash).

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