Quick start for Subversion

Saturday 5 February 2005This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

I use Subversion to store my personal projects (including this web site), but every time I need to put a new project into Subversion, I have to look at my cheat sheet again. This time, I decided to write it down nicely and put it up here in case other people find it useful: Subversion on Windows quick start.

And if you are using Subversion on Windows, please, do yourself a favor. Go get the exquisite Beyond Compare diff program, and set it up to be the default diff program for Subversion.


I agree, SVN rocks. Did you check out TortoiseSVN?

I'm using their GUI to create & manage repositories, much easier. Plus, it also has it's own (easy) cmdline interface, which allows to write simple checkin-checkout scripts with it's own GUI support, so overall I like it more than the raw SVN cmd interface for most of the things I do with sVN...
Ah! I was just about to recommend Tortoise. A million productivity points can easily be yours; it is great, and that is no lie.

Moreover, I didn't know it had a CLI of its own, which I shall be investigating as soon as I get back to work!
Yes, the consensus seems to be that if you are using Subversion on Windows, you really should be using TortoiseSVN. I installed, and I am impressed. I may be using the Explorer for source control more than I would have thought!
Actually, I found the TSVN explorer integration makes it very easy to expand "version control" to all kinds of other files, too...not just source code, but bookmark files, text files, chat logs and god knows what...

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