Mrs. Crafts 8:07 AM on 21 Mar 2009

How come i can't make the adorable mario set? WHERE'S THE LINK?!

lulu 5:00 AM on 31 Jan 2010

I like it

Davi jun 10:20 AM on 1 Feb 2010

I find some thing like it... try it

jdog123 6:16 AM on 21 Apr 2010

hey these are really cool! accept what is with the like 4 mario and luigis??

penny 11:59 AM on 15 Jun 2010

they r cool and u can give thim as gifts

penny 12:01 PM on 15 Jun 2010

hey try them

aly 9:34 PM on 1 Nov 2010

Where do you go to make them!! This sucks. I need something to do with my hand. Go giants! They won the world series. To bad texans suck it up! JK 1

solichin 9:27 PM on 27 Apr 2011

What a wonderful craft, I respectfully your creative design.

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