Friday 23 January 2004

I’ve used SequoiaView to see a treemap of my disk space before, and liked it very much. But now, SpaceMonger is my favorite. Not only does it do the same cool treemap-thing with the contents of your disk, but it presents the information in a much more usable way than SequoiaView does.

SpaceMonger view of my hard drive

Version 1.4 is freeware, but an update to a shareware 2.1 is coming soon.


Thank you so much...I just found a ton of wasted space hiding deep, deep, down under many directories in the Windows folder.
Being a consultant, I often find myself moving from one ancient, overloaded PC to another, so SpaceMonger is one of my favourite programs. It downloads in a few seconds and requires zero installation. Woohoo!
Thank you for the info. It saved me a lot of .. space actually.
Checkout this treemap representation:

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