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Saturday 5 June 2004This is 19 years old. Be careful.

A co-worker had a little statuette of Quisp on her shelf. When I first saw it, I was really excited to see him and pointed him out to others. Being younger than me, they were baffled. Quisp? What’s Quisp?

This is important stuff, so if you aren’t familiar with Quisp, and especially his epic battle against his rival Quake, study up. Here are two good resources:



Ned, this is a classic post! the pictures in the links really take me back!
I was a big Quisp and Quake fan. I never realized however that Quake was made by the same company that made Captian Crunch. Even as a kid I thought it was basicaly a CC rip off. Quisp was cooler anyway, it had little saucers that filled with milk.

I will have to watch Kill Bill again because I didn't notice the Kaboom reference. After my fling with Quisp, Quake (and the Captain), I became a tried and true Kaboom convert. I must have had 10 of the little plastic Kaboom hand puppets that came in the box.
Check out the animation cel of Quisp & Quake standing before a billboard, with multiple hash marks under each cereal. quisp has one more than Quake.

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