My nonogram puzzles

Saturday 3 January 2004This is over 19 years old. Be careful.

Last February, I wrote about nonograms and PictureLogic, a nice implementation of these graphical puzzles for the Palm. PictureLogic also lets you create your own puzzles, and Keith Wolcott, its creator, accepts puzzle collections from users, and posts them for download. Over three years ago, I created some PictureLogic puzzles. Last February, I finally dug them up and sent them to Keith. Today, he finally posted them on his site. Through the magic of serial procrastination, these archeologically significant puzzles are at last available for download. Enjoy.


I came across gemsweeper,nonogram puzzle game which i think is better then nonogram, the graphics are more colourful.I enjoyed playing the can take a look
Try to solve few nonograms at, this is the link to nonograms section японские кроссворды or this

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