Times when I am truly happy

Wednesday 17 March 2004

Charles considers what his time is worth, and shares this great jwz quote:

I hate [sysadmin crap]. I have always hated it. Always. If you made a Venn diagram, there would be two non-overlapping circles, one of which was labeled, “Times when I am truly happy” and the other of which was labeled, “Times when I am logged in as root, holding a cable, or have the case open.”



Joe Grossberg 4:18 PM on 18 Mar 2004

jwz != Jamie Zawinksi

jwz is a former-Netscape guy who runs a nightclub and has a LiveJournal

the latter is a blogging Yahoo! guy

Chris 12:27 PM on 19 Mar 2004

This could also be said of programming...

Charles Miller 8:49 PM on 20 Mar 2004

JWZ is, and always has been, Jamie Zawinski. If you want to check, it's the name on the front page of http://www.jwz.org.

The blogging Yahoo! guy is Jeremy Zawodny: http://jeremy.zawodny.com/blog/

Joe Grossberg 5:22 PM on 22 Mar 2004

Mea culpa Charles.

Don't know what I was thinking.

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