Prediction: Toy Story 3 will suck

Tuesday 16 November 2004

File this under “dumb moves in the movie industry”: ‘Toy Story 3’ in the works. Disney is going to make the third Toy Story movie, but without Pixar. Disney has marketing down pat, but they’ve got nothing on Pixar when it comes to making great movies.


Fred Kiesche 11:19 AM on 17 Nov 2004

Oh come on, "Home on the Range" was the best movie I saw (the day I saw it). I'm sure they won't screw up "Toy Story 3" like say...oh wait...

Susan 2:40 PM on 17 Nov 2004

I think you are probably right about TS3 but Pixar ain't such a bargain when it comes to scripts and plots that aren't pat and trite. Can anything really stand up to Toy Story 1?

Markus 10:36 AM on 24 Aug 2010


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