Faraday waves

Friday 21 May 2004

I wish my high school physics class had included stuff like this: Faraday waves in a mixture of water and cornstarch. They look like freaky-deaky animated science ficiton, but the video is real and real-time. Wild.


That is the wildest thing I've ever seen. Simple vibration and corn starch.. I agree.. this would have been a fun science experiment.. even more fun to try and determine how it happens.
Corn starch mixed with water has some really strange properties. I love finding stuff like this. No need for exotic materials -- weird can be found right there in the kitchen cupboard. ;-)
That was amazingly cool! I'm a physicist by training and I never heard of Faraday waves, which judging from the movie you linked to is an unforgiveable gap in my education. Ned, u rockors!

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