Tuesday 16 November 2004This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

Koders is a search engine targeted at searching code. It’s an interesting idea. I often search Google for code samples. Koders might be better because you can select the programming language you want, and when you find an intriguing result, you can navigate around the whole project as a file tree. On the other hand, it seems to only index open-source projects, so you won’t find samples from documentation, or tutorials as Google would find. And I’m not sure why it tries to estimate the labor cost to develop each project?


Although it doesn't index documentation examples, it does index unit tests (at least for python). This is approximately as useful as the documentation examples are to me, and often provides more real-life usage examples.

Obviously this only works in projects with good unit tests, but I've already found it very helpful in python.
I found Koders helpful too.
> And I'm not sure why it tries to estimate the labor cost to develop each project?

Because they are open-source advocates and want to show how much money you could save by not developing it yourself.
Heh... I created a domain (searchcode.com) a long time ago, wanting to do this, while I was unemployed... Instead I got employed again, and never had time to return to it.

It's a GREAT idea, and much needed IMO. My problem was trying too hard to make it code-only, including variables, etc., instead of just treating it as a plain-text indexable document.

Hopefully they won't do something dumb like patent it. :)

-- Morgan

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