XML data to graphs

Friday 4 June 2004

I’d like to take some XML data I have, and transform it into a graph diagram (not a quantitative chart, but a topological graph). SVG is an XML language for diagrams, but won’t do graph layout for me. Graphviz does layout, but has an ad-hoc language. For some reason I’d rather it was XML input. Has anyone found anything useful along these lines?


What about those .dia files that postgresql_autodoc generates for example.
See http://www.rbt.ca/autodoc/output-dia.html
Ned, FYI, here are some graph editing frameworks I bookmarked a few years ago: GEF, JGraph, and TouchGraph. These may be inactive projects or no longer relevant. Also, I wasn't as concerned with output, so I have no idea what each supports for that. Let us know what you find.
Maybe of interest to you:


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