Air America radio

Saturday 27 March 2004

Air America is a liberal answer to conservative talk radio. It debuts next Wednesday on stations in New York (WLIB), Chicago (WNTD), and Los Angeles (KBLA). The showcase is Al Franken’s show, The O’Franken Factor, from noon to 3:00, opposite Rush Limbaugh, with programming running all day, 6 AM to 11 PM. I wish there were an affiliate in Boston, but they’ll also be streaming the shows from their website.


Bart 4:49 PM on 27 Mar 2004

Interesting name for a liberal show. Air America was the banner for one of the CIA's operating groups in the 60s and 70s. Also the title of a Mel Gibson movie....

andrew 5:09 PM on 27 Mar 2004

Ohhh, LA, New York and Chicago... Real battleground areas for the upcoming election. When a dickhead like Franken can play in Peoria, call me. Otherwise, he is just another voice in the liberal echo-chamber of our blighted urban areas.

Jonathon Duerig 11:43 PM on 27 Mar 2004

And why do you presume that Peoria has greater moral authority than New York?

andrew 8:58 PM on 28 Mar 2004

I didn't mention "moral authority", you did. If you would like to discuss a comparison of these two areas, I suppose I could oblige.

My actual point is that selling this stuff in those three cities is easy. The ratio of dems to republicans is about 100-1. My point is that "Air America" wouldn't have ten listeners in the red states and would crash and burn. FWIW, Rush Limbaugh does quite well in these urban areas.

I listened to some of this tripe on the news. Like nails on a blackboard. I give "Air America" three months. And that is with George Soros pumping money into it as fast as he can. Without Soros, it wouldn't last ten minutes.

freddyMac 2:56 PM on 29 Mar 2004

Franken is as nutty as Limbaugh, and I'm not sure the Libs as a group cotton to nutty - see "Maher, Bill".

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