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Tuesday 28 December 2004This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

Many thanks to all of those who sent in hosting recommendations. I chose TotalChoice Hosting because they had low prices and very helpful support people.

The hosting provider that was mentioned the most (three times), and which definitely stood apart from the rest, was TextDrive. These guys are more expensive, but clearly hit the sweet spot for l33t geek bloggers. Where the run-of-the-mill hosters offer PHP and MySQL, and the feature-stuffed ones add in Python, TextDrive blows out the list with Ruby, Subversion, Movable Type, Wordpress and Instiki, plus some other stuff I’ve never even heard of. If I hadn’t already signed up with TotalChoice, I might have signed up with them (and I still might!).

In any case, if you are in need of hosting, here are the other sites that were mentioned, and that seemed at first glance like reasonable choices, in no particular order:


1&1 has many restrictions, such as killing PHP processes which run (in their opinion) overly long. So, I was not able to get the TikiWiki system running on their hosting. Lots of good things for novices, but if you need more control, I would avoid 1&1.

I've been very impressed with Dreamhost, and I currently use and they've been pretty good. Hope you enjoy your new host!
I've had both Lunarpages and Dreamhost accounts. Lunarpages were great, but they're incredibly protective of their site. I was running an opt-in mailing list from that provider, and they cancelled my account when an user complained to AOL that I was sending them unwanted email.

I'd strongly recommend Lunarpages, unless you're looking to setup a mailing list.

Dreamhost is also quite good, although I couldn't get them to setup a MySQL driver for Python. Installing it manually is an option, since they offer shell access.
I've been using eApps for Domino hosting for 4 years now and have never had any problems. In fact, even when I did something stupid and lost my certifier ID file they responded very quickly to cross certifying a new ID for me. Excellent service all round.
hey, just a small spelling correction, it should be '1337', not 'l33t'. lol, that was random!
~El Gophero Diablo

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