Introduction to Python

Tuesday 27 July 2004This is 19 years old. Be careful.

Since writing Cog and deploying it at work, I’ve had to tell a few developers that they need to learn a little Python in order to generate new code with Cog. They have been receptive to the idea, but I can see it would go over better if I had a really painless way for them to learn just enough Python for the task.

I’ve toyed with writing a piece called “Python in a Hurry for Experienced Programmers Who Don’t Want to Learn Yet Another Programming Language” (or PIAHFEPWDWTLYAPL for short, natch). But who’s kidding who? It won’t get done.

Dave Kuhlman’s Python 101 is a good approximation of what I had in mind: quick, accurate, to the point. If someone in your life (perhaps you) wants to learn Python without a bunch of propaganda or theoretical noise, point them there.


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