Juggling changes brains


Person 6:05 PM on 24 Jan 2004

"Causes changes in brain" does not imply "good for you".

Not by a long shot.

person_2 8:59 PM on 24 Jan 2004

the articles says juggling changes the brain....who said this change is beneficial? the article sure didn't. qed

Person 12:43 PM on 25 Jan 2004

The author of this blog did.

"Turns out juggling isn't just fun and geeky, it's also good for you: Learning to Juggle Causes Changes in Brain."

QED backatcha.

person_2 7:17 PM on 27 Jan 2004

how is it good for you? if he does not even attempt to explain it...how can you believe him?

person_3 11:32 PM on 27 Jan 2004

You guys are giving persons like us a bad reputation. If persons can't get along with other persons, then dammit, what kind of persons are they? Not very good persons, thats what. I'm outa here. PERSON POWER!

person_2 11:56 PM on 27 Jan 2004

What if the added connections being formed in the brain cause Alzheimer type plaques and thus rapidly take us toward some form of memory loss; not to mention that if you juggle knives, you increase your risk of causing damage to your cranial dome.

Person 10:45 PM on 29 Jan 2004

With all due respect, Person 2, you're not refuting my point. You're backing it.

Read what I said again.

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