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Monday 27 September 2004This is close to 19 years old. Be careful.

Pete Lyons discusses the last work to do on his Pete’s editor project, and begins looking around for another side project:

I will need to ponder this and come up with something new and fun to work on.

I know just where he is: Side projects (work outside of for-pay work) have always been really important to me. They provide an arena for experimentation, independence, and even frivolity that is often inappropriate in a day job. I almost always have at least one side project. Heck, this whole blog is a side project!

The best of both worlds is having a project at work that feels like a side project. My Cog code generator was like that: It was motivated by a need at work, but was designed and implemented almost as a side project. NotesPeek was the same way.

At the other extreme, Damien Katz’s foray into distributed file systems is an attempt to work full-time on a side project. I’m jealous.

I think side projects are a sign of a true software craftsperson. Working on side projects requires passion for the art of writing software, either for its results or for its process. My side projects often let me learn about new technologies or techniques. My changes in career direction have been presaged by side projects that let me dip a toe in waters my day job wouldn’t let me explore.

I’ve started a significant side project recently, but I’ll wait a little longer to talk about it specifically. It’s why my postings here have tapered off a bit.


I can't reach the personal editor URL. Is anyone else able to reach?

Thanks for arousing my interest in starting one of my side-projects Ned!

The hosting service I use at is currently experiencing severe technical difficulties. Due to the length of the outage I'm now in the middle of switching hosting companies. and pe (my little editor) should be available in 24-48 hours. An old restored image of shows up and is reachable every once and a while. You can tell it's old because the last post is from the end of Aug. The version of PE available from that site is old too.
If your interested in looking at PE (its really not much), a new version was just made available in Sept and it's the one I blogged about that Ned mentions.

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