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Wednesday 13 October 2004

In my plea over the weekend for help with HTML, I said I would write a glowing review for whoever helped me, and I am a man of my word.

“Maniac” of Software Maniacs provided swift, accurate, and persistent help. His (or her) site is in Russian, which I cannot read, but provides a few Windows utilities. Based on my experience with Maniac, I am sure they are high quality.

At the top of the page is this motto:

Есть Два Цвета: Черный И Белый, А Есть Оттенки, Которых Больше.

which Babelfish translates as:

There are Two Colors: Black I is white, But There are The nuances, Which It is more.

I’ll take it as, “Between black and white there are many shades”. I’ll refrain from drawing a political analogy.

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a literal translation: "there are two colors: black and white, and there are hues, which are more"
I'm reminded of a slogan from a t-shirt:

Some Say Life Isn't Black & White
Mine Is.

Ned will remember how and where that one came about.
Another one: "The colour of truth is gray."
Bob's slogan (if I'm not mistaken) is from a Domino web server team t-shirt. Get it? Domino? Black and white?

By some twist of fate, I don't have one of those t-shirts, I don't know why not.
Ned: that's right. It was Paul's design. He was very proud of that.

Speaking of black and white and shades of gray, television screens and computer monitors suck at displaying black and white film. Just watch a film like Citizen Kane on a movie screen and then on DVD. No comparison. The dark scenes are muddy, too dark on screen. A lot of the detail is lost. Too bad.
Glad to be helpful, Ned! And thanks for some advertising :-).

I'd like to clear some things up:

> His (or her) site

His... I mean, mine :-). The site is actually quite old and somewhat abandoned. One of utlities (SMReg) doesn't even work with modern Windows'es. One other is a text replacing tool which is available in English at http://SoftManiacs.Com/. But the English version is shareware, not freeware. One may even use Russian language binary and refer to English documentation :-)

The more correct translation of the motto is something like 'There are two colors: black and white. Others are just shades'. And this is actually a quote from the Russian rock group 'Kino' (

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