Friday 12 March 2004

Russell Beattie had some pictures of his family on his web site. Then he got a phone threat against his son. Then he reacted, or possibly overreacted. Finally, he took down the photos.

The issue of how public to make one’s family on one’s web site is a tough one. I have erred on the side of privacy on this site, which fits my natural inclinations better anyway. The comments on the three posts above are all good reading on other people’s reactions to the incident.


Now my curiosity is piqued. What in the world was in the photo that caused this? If there are pictures of my family, I usually post a photo like this that I think makes my point about threats to my family...
Also..."Overreaction?" I am all about overreaction. Massive, overwhelming, and thermo-nuclear.
Andrew: they were just family photos. Nothing special.

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