Oddizm and autistic adults

Tuesday 18 May 2004

Just to show that there’s more than one way to look at any given thing: oddizm’s page is all about accepting autism as not bad, just different. She links to a collection of adults on the spectrum, and has a lot of good-natured humor. I liked the idea of a “stim team”.

The adults are much higher functioning than my son will be, but it helps to see it all as a spectrum, and to know that there are people pushing the envelope of acceptance out there.


Ok, I'll go ahead and say it:

There are some suprisingly attractive autistic women.

I found a new search engine called ujiko or something and searched for "oddizm" which gave me your blog.

Thanks for the nice comments on my page and the autistic adult picture project that is not just mine but also jypsy's project.

you know about memes right? I learned about memes from Kalle Lasn's book "culture jam". you can see memes at adbusters.org

I just borrowed the idea and set to work reframing, respinning autism.

I just heard a researcher speak (Christopher Gillberg). He was saying that if you count all autistics, the whole spectrum of autistics, that we could account for one percent of the population...I believe he meant world wide, but certainly in the US.

So probably 1% of all the good looking women are autistic. Certainly 25% of the good looking, strange and intelligent women are autistic. :-)

Autism - its not like you think.

it is how I think however....

I hope all is well with your son Ned. We need lots of understanding and a different approach, for sure.

if you haven't seen it check out autistics.org, too.


oddizm - upstate California
"suprisingly" attractive?

There some rumour out there about us I don't know about? I mean, I've heard a lot of bizarre "facts" about autistics but I can't say as I ever heard we were known to be ugly.....

My son will not likely be as "high functioning" as many of the folks on the a2p2 page either but he's holding an average higher than 85% (having been fully integrated before he could talk) and he just beat our family Dr. in a 6K race by about 1/4 of the field. (Our Dr used to run the Boston marathon).

I did the cover "art" for Christopher Gillberg's last book - it was a doodle I did at an autism workshop - it's how I "take notes", focus so I can hear what's being said.

yup... we're different, and we're not bad looking either (you were expecting horns? beards?) and if you actually look at us as "different" not as "wrong" and look at our true strengths, not our obvious weakenesses, we can be pretty amazing at times...

-jypsy - PEI Canada

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