How not to deal with exceptions

Friday 14 May 2004

This is not how to deal with exceptions:

Ned continues a discussion Joel started about exceptions in software. Fortunately for me I mostly ignore exceptions because I don’t really give a damn how well my software works - just that I get paid (and quick!). Its possible this is wrong. [Force moral quandry to bottom of mental stack (*grunt*)... aaaannnnddd... its gone. Much better.]

[Note: Normally I wouldn’t copy the entry here, but a number of readers reported that following the original link crashed their Mozilla browser. I also saw strange intermittent behavior on that page, where at some point, the text becomes a garbled mess. Perhaps there’s a server problem? Perhaps the author of the entry wrote the software?]


Matti 7:42 AM on 14 May 2004

I don't know, what your point was, but that link crashed my web browser (Mozilla). Some sort of a warning would have been nice...

Bob 8:28 AM on 14 May 2004


Maybe someone on the Mozilla team ignores exceptions too. End result: crash! ;-)


Ned Batchelder 9:28 AM on 14 May 2004

Sorry, the link actually goes someplace, and the point was for you to read the text there, not to have your browser crash. Maybe it's some kind of cosmic Freudian slip...

Matti 10:00 AM on 14 May 2004

That's OK. First, I thought, that the crashing was the point of your post. I tried the link again, Mozilla freaked out, tried with IE, no problems. Odd. Anyway, I hope that I never come across any of the software written by the author of that entry.

Peter Bengtsson 3:03 PM on 14 May 2004

My Firefox crashed too. It took up 95-97% of the CPU and consumed 700Mb of RAM. Must admit that I've never seen that in a long time. Actually I just had to Ctrl+Alt+Del och terminate the process and everything was fine again.
For once Windows XP impressed me.

Ian Phillips 12:22 AM on 15 May 2004

It worked just fine on my firefox. I'm hoping the text at the end of link was meant to be sarcastic, but even if it wasn't it was very funny!

Phil 6:19 AM on 15 May 2004

Hey, how about removing the link or adding a warning for Mozilla users, it's not very polite!

Ned Batchelder 9:17 AM on 15 May 2004

Sorry, gang, for the difficult link. I've changed the entry.

Kartik Agaram 9:27 AM on 15 May 2004

I think has all its blog entries from day one on a single page. Looks like the fella's attitude to exceptions carries over to webpage design as well.

Only thing to be said for it, it'll make a great stress-test for browsers.

Kartikeya Rindani 1:22 PM on 16 May 2004

I too hope the author's remark in SixFourteen was out of sarcasm. It would be really unfortunate to have such a teammate in some software project.

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