Eric W. Bachtal 11:49 AM on 26 Feb 2004

What a great resource - thanks so much!

Regarding "classical" vs. "classic", I agree, but then what do I know. Merriam Webster says they are essentially the same thing with meanings like "traditional; authentic; enduring; typical or standard", so they seem to be interchangeable adjectives. However, the most common meaning ascribed to "classical" is "of or relating to the ancient Greek and Roman world and especially to its literature, art, architecture, or ideals", while "classic" is most often described as "serving as a standard of excellence : of recognized value".

I often run into the same thing with "historical" and "historic".

Anyway, thanks again!

Justin Knol 12:39 AM on 27 Feb 2004

I always enjoy your writing and the links you find.


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