Wednesday 17 March 2004This is over 19 years old. Be careful.

ArtRage is a free painting program based on natural media and tools. In other words, it’s designed to work and feel as much as possible like real paints, chalks, and so on. I was very impressed with it. It has one of those non-standard but intuitive interfaces where you can just start clicking around, and you’ll see how stuff works. And the real-media effects are remarkable. A single stroke of oil paint:

A beautiful blue oil paint stroke


Warning: When I first ran this, I got a message box from Microsoft Outlook (which is not my default email client) saying (paraphrased) that "There is no default mail application, or the default mail application cannot satisfy the request. Please set Outlook as the default mail application, and try again."

So, it's trying to mail something to somebody.
Actually, it turns out that it tries this every time you start it up.
Nancy's Brother 1:55 PM on 22 Mar 2004
Why am I getting a message about MAPI when I start ArtRage?

The ‘Send Painting as Email’ option in the File menu uses the windows MAPI messaging system to create an email using your email client. On most machines that have MAPI, ArtRage recognises your MAPI email client and sets itself up silently for operation. On most machines that do not have MAPI set up you will be warned that it is not set up properly when you try to use the ‘Send Painting as Email’ option.

We have received reports that on some machines ArtRage is reporting a problem with MAPI when launched. This seems to be because the machine is set up for MAPI with a MAPI client that is not recognised by our request to the OS to see if it exists.

The message does not indicate that the application won’t work, but you will not be able to use the ‘Send Painting as Email’ option. We will look in to the cause of the message appearing at that point, it should not appear until you attempt to use the MAPI functionality.
As the lead developer of ArtRage, I'd like to stress there is absolutely NO information sent from ArtRage. The MAPI error is generated when ArtRage tries to find the default EMail application so the 'Send Painting as Email' option in the menu will work.
ArtRage is free with absolutely NO strings attached. No ads, no spyware, no registration, no timeouts. We did it because we wanted people to have the technology.
I'm really sorry for any confusion the Mapi bug has caused - Absolutely NO information is sent from ArtRage anywhere, anyhow, anytime.
Andy Bearsley.
Technical Director.
Ambient Design Ltd.

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