Damien is looking for contracting work

Sunday 20 June 2004

Damien Katz is a good friend, and a hell of an engineer. He’s looking for short-term contracting work. If you have a project that could use a kick-ass C++ developer, you’re not going to find better. I’ve worked with him at Kubi Software, and at Iris, and would eagerly work with him again. He tackles the thorniest tasks with gusto. As an example, he completely rewrote the Notes formula engine for Notes R6, improving both its functionality and its performance while he was at it. Take a look at his resume, and give him a call.


andrew 9:04 PM on 20 Jun 2004

Did you know that in Mozilla, you get an identical copy of Damien's resume copied to your harddrive -- silently -- with each click of his name. I thought that the link was busted so I impatiently clicked a few extra times only to find my desktop littered with his resume! He's like a virus!

Ben poole 11:08 AM on 21 Jun 2004

Heh heh, that's "viral marketing" I guess ;o) The resume has a typo in the word "Macintosh" BTW.

Bob 3:42 PM on 21 Jun 2004

Lots of copies of Damien's resume showing up on your hard drive? Hmm, that's strange. Maybe it's an omen. Nah. We're talking about this Damien. Not this one.

Sorry, sorry. Hey, someone out there hire Damien. He's a sharp guy -- he rewote the Notes formula compute engine and lived to tell the tale.

Ben Poole 5:34 AM on 22 Jun 2004

Indeed. Re-writing the formula engine: that makes my head ache just thinking about it: I don't imagine Damien will need to look for work for very long!

Damien Katz 10:35 AM on 22 Jun 2004

Thanks Ned for posting this. And thanks for the kind words fellas. I hope I get some work!

As for the viral resumes.... Fly my pretties, fly!

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