Friday 23 January 2004

Just what we need: yet another social networking site: Orkut. Everyone is wondering how these things are going to be anything other than a giant dating service, or a ladder-climbing spam-fest. Orkut has a leg up in that it is “in affiliation with Google”, whatever that means. Seems risky to name a site in this kind of volatile arena after yourself, but if my name were Orkut Buyukkokten, I might do the same thing. It’s certainly better than calling it buyukkokten.com!

One cool thing: the Orkut home page has a slick fade-in effect accomplished with JavaScript.


At present, orkut.com does seem a bit derivative of Friendster, and it's clearly not a "1.0" version yet.

However, in considering how other Google projects have ended up, I have high hopes for orkut.

You can read some more of my thoughts about the service here.

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