Another success story


Fred Kiesche 8:00 AM on 1 Jun 2004

There's a bit up on Slash Dot today about a guy who is trying to teach his mother programming. He's looked at things, but they are either too hard or too easy (e.g., Lego Mindstorms).

Is there something in the middle for people like him (or for that matter, people like me!)?

Jack Herrington 10:57 AM on 1 Jun 2004

Ned, I'd like to interview you about Cog on CGN. Do you have some time to talk? Just get in contact with me directly if you do. Python has little representation on the site and I would really like to change that, with your help.

per isakson 7:57 PM on 13 Apr 2012

The links to the success stories are broken because "success" is doubled

Ned Batchelder 1:59 AM on 19 Apr 2012

@per, thanks, I've fixed the links (and those in the other three blog posts that used them).

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