Mountain Dew “Spy vs. Spy”

Wednesday 30 June 2004This is nearly 19 years old. Be careful.

I saw a new TV commercial for Mountain Dew a few weeks ago, and was flabbergasted: it was the old Mad magazine “Spy vs. Spy” cartoon, translated into 3D. Bob Congdon found online copies of the ads. I think they’ve done a stellar job of capturing the feel of the cartoon, both in terms of the elemental plotting and violence, and the stripped-down black and white look of the strip. One of the ads ends “to be continued”. I hope there will be more...


I saw one for the first time last night during "The Daily Show." It was the first ad I've backed up to watch in ages. A+.
The creators of the Mountain Dew commercials have used a clever device to give a feeling for a multi-pane comic strip. They freeze the motion at each event, this is especially evident in the commercial with the helicopter. I didn't speak as glowingly about the ads in my blog entry but I think they're terrific commercials.

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