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Monday 16 August 2004This is almost 19 years old. Be careful.

I’ve long wanted a set of six good-quality juggling clubs, for the day when I’ve got someone to pass clubs with. Being a basically cheap person, I haven’t invested in any. But I saw the Flying Karamazov Brothers last week. They are talented and funny, and they re-inspired me. At intermission, Ivan was chatting with the audience, and I asked him what clubs they used on stage. He said they were Dubé American clubs.

I ordered three to see if I liked them, and they arrived today. They seem very heavy to me. Does anyone have any experience with these? I’ve juggled with a friend’s Dubé European clubs, and they are very nice, but more expensive, and fragile-seeming.


I like a heavier club. I tried some of the cheap, hollow, plastic clubs at a shop on Moody St. in Waltham and it was hard to get a good spin. Clubs are more impressive when you juggle faster and that's definitely easier with a heavier club. Exerballs, 1.5 lb bags, (no jokes, please) are also pretty fun.
My clubs are very light, very cheap and have the name "Beard" on them. It's ages since I've used them and I never really did get the hang of passing. I did find that mastering clubs made juggling balls seem much easier; there was just so much extra time available... I really should get back into juggling, it was good for my shoulders...
I use Henry's. Amazing balance and wonderful feel. They run about $35/club. Prior to those, I had heavier, hard plastic which were hard on the fingertips and not nearly the acrobatic joy to juggle.
Dube lists the weights on their web site. Their standard model Americans are heavier (255gm plain/285gm decorated) than their Europeans (220gm short/260gm long), but the XL Americans are lighter (198gm plain/227gm decorated).

My college juggling buddy had Europeans. They look more professional than the unibody clubs, but require more maintenance (retaping, screw tightening) if you bang them up a lot.

If you practice every day you adapt pretty quickly to whatever weight you're using. I used to bruise my fingertips a lot when I was learning to pass, and taped handles might have helped, but after a while you get over that anyway :-)
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