FedEx rebrands Kinko’s


Dave S. 8:10 PM on 29 Apr 2004

What the hell is that?

*CYAN*? What is this, 1981?

Michael Wexler 8:26 PM on 29 Apr 2004

You know, the Fedex logo is one of the design classics. No one knows if its intended, but there is a hidden symbol in the logo which points to Fedex's "always in motion" image.

If you want to see what I'm talking about, come to my blog (linked above)...

PS: Paul Rand did the UPS Shield Log

Ned Batchelder 8:51 PM on 29 Apr 2004

Speaking of Paul Rand, did you know that I
own some of his books?

freddyMac 7:34 AM on 30 Apr 2004

Bowling Pins in slow motion!

Sarai 10:31 AM on 30 Apr 2004

it looks like Willy Wonka's gobstopper

Michael Wexler 12:19 PM on 30 Apr 2004

Ned: That is a very cool story. I now want to go through all my books and see if perhaps, just perhaps, someone clever left notes in them. But I suspect I will only find people's doodles and the phone number of some local pizzarias scribbled on the back.

thomas 5:51 AM on 3 May 2004

It's not that ugly ... I don't know where you got this version from, but the one on the kinko's site is different in hue/saturation and looks better.

Ned Batchelder 6:18 AM on 3 May 2004

You are right: my rendering looks different than theirs. I pulled down a EPS file from the fedex site, rendered it with GhostScript, then exported to full-color PNG and cropped.

Looking through the process again, the GhostScript rendering seems to be the culprit, with the wrong colors. Sorry for the alarm!

Michael Maggard 6:04 PM on 3 May 2004

OK - translucent objects are now officially pass.

Ebay started it. Kraft is now using 'em. Sears is now using em. So here comes Kinko too!

I suppose it beats the Green Years, then their opposite Orange Years, all while the move to blobby-thingies.

Well, FWIW, Apple, the current arbitrator of cool dropped translucent a few years ago so apparently steel, matte white, and glossy white will be the next 'big things'. Mmm white-on-white logos, better start investing in embossing machinery now.

Personally Im kinda surprised they werent renamed to "Kinxo" or some other gratuitous use of Z or X.

Frankenstien 9:09 AM on 7 May 2004

It should be noted that at least as of 5/7/04, they still had the old logo in the upper left-hand-corner of their main page while aggressively featuring the new logo in the middle of hte page.

Sean 7:28 PM on 9 May 2004

I'm working contract right now for Creative Services department at Kinko's Corporate in Dallas, TX. We're in the middle of redoing *all* the print and screen and Word and Powerpoint stuff and...well you get it.

I have to say, what do you expect? FedEx's logo was designed a long time ago and although a classic, I don't really think FedEx has been hanging ten on the tsunami that is graphic design and corporate design these days. I don't think it's that bad. The new paper and PDF stuff for the office and website is ton's better than the old stuff. The new designs use Univers Condensed and just give so much relief to the eyes compared to what's gone on since 2000 when the company was sold.

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