Word of the day: verruca


sam 11:08 AM on 29 Jun 2004

An interesting perspective on collective thinking about upcoming move projects is the Hollywood Stock Exchange (www.hsx.com). For example, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is currently trading at $80 per share (http://movies.hsx.com/servlet/SecurityDetail?symbol=CFACT), which means that people generally feel it will make $80M it's first 4 weeks of domestic release (7/2005)!

Pete Lyons 1:28 PM on 29 Jun 2004

I was aware of the rock band called Veruca Salt but I never new where that name came from. Now I know. Thanks.

Micah Goulart 1:52 PM on 29 Jun 2004

In Portuguese, a wart is called a "verruga". I'm pretty sure it's a Latin word then. "Wart" sounds Anglo-Saxon.

Doug L. 5:31 PM on 29 Jun 2004

The earlier posting correctly notes that Tim Burton's movies are usually aggressively dark, but Big Fish did come out since then, and it is mostly un-dark. (Did that sound too much like un-dead?)

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