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David Boudreau 11:35 PM on 11 Mar 2004

www.teamstudio.com works to support such wonderful things in life.


Yes, David does indeed work for TeamStudio :-)

David Boudreau 8:59 AM on 13 Mar 2004

yes Ben, that's right he does-- so everyone, be sure to insist speaking with David or at least mentioning his name before giving Teamstudio your money! (it will be well-spent)


And this comment thread is relevant to Ned's links how exactly?


David Boudreau 8:53 PM on 16 Mar 2004

Teamstudio provides very agile solutions to enable people to deal with Ned's link's issues, like "is good code relevant?" and the lack of (or difficulty in finding any) "corporate motivation" to write good software-- for example, at one time, a company paid programmers based simply on the sheer number of lines of code they wrote; you can imagine the disastrous consequences of such a policy. We've come a little way since then (or have we?) but still have much room for improvement.

Ben points out the potential conflict of interest in the thread: that I advertise Teamstudio and also work for them, under the guise of Teamstudio actually being of benefit to this cause and these issues or not, when, in fact, I may have my own interests to worry about-- like getting as much revenue as possible, since I should gain financially if you give Teamstudio your money. He's right, I would benefit directly, because my work is aligned with the "corporate motivation" of increasing revenue, not necessarily increased code quality, which is much harder to quantify.

Such is the nature of business... take a look at any given company, and you only have a relatively small number of people working on the Intrinsic Value of the product/service (eg developers), when in fact it takes a lot more people besides just them to make it all happen and be successful (sales, marketing, accountants, etc). It's very interesting... I don't have to contribute to the Intrinsic Value of our products, yet my employer finds it very easy to find "corporate motivation" for my role and responsibilities (largley by aligning it with their own).


I can't follow all the intricate philosophical twists and turns here (hi David!), but I know this: I don't want these comments used for advertising. There are pages on this site that routinely get comments clearly intended only to generate traffic for the authors' sites, and I delete those comments without hesitation.

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