Thursday 1 January 2004This is close to 20 years old. Be careful.

Happy New Year everyone! I feel good.

I just raked up four bags of leaves. The weather is very mild, so I was able to clean up outside enough so that I won’t have to shovel up leaves under snow, which drives me nuts.

December turned out very well. I had a major chunk of coding to do at work, and set myself an unreasonably aggressive milestone for the month as a challenge. I didn’t quite make it, but missing an unrealistic milestone by a little bit amounts to a remarkable achievement, so I’m proud. It was fun coding to do, I learned a lot, and I added good functionality to the product.

We had a good assortment of parties to attend this season, and saw a lot of friends, old and new.

2003 overall was a good year:

Here’s looking forward to 2004 and further happy adventures!


I'm glad you're happy about the new year. So am I, Darling!

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