Quicken item ordering

Sunday 11 April 2004

This is a small thing, but it bugs me. I use Quicken to balance my checkbook. It remembers payees so that if you type the first few characters, it fills in the rest. But if there are two payees, one a prefix of the other, it chooses the longer one rather than the shorter one.

For example, I have both “AT+T” and “AT+T Wireless” in my remembered list. When I type “AT”, it fills in with “AT+T Wireless”. Shouldn’t it choose the first entry in the list, and don’t dictionary rules say that “AT+T” should come first? Is there a good reason for this behavior, or is my annoyance justified?

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Does the frequency of use of specific payees have anything to do with it? Or is it choosing based on recency of use? Either one would seem like a "convenience" feature during planning stages which would backfire depending on real usage patterns.
That's the aggravating thing about it: another pair is "Stop & Shop" and "Stop & Shop Gas". I have three transactions a week for "Stop & Shop", and haven't used the gas station in six months, but it always chooses the longer one!
There are so many annoying Quicken bugs, why stop here?
My manifestation of this one is "Filene's" and "Filene's Basement".

My current favorite Quicken bug is that if you change the pin for an online service and then go into the pin vault to update it, everything works ok. Until some future date where Quicken manages to restore the OLD pin and try to use it, eventually resulting in your online account getting locked out. The only solution is to completely delete your pin vault and disable/enable online services for your accounts. I have done this, and now my pin vault takes 30 seconds to respond. Sigh...

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