XSLTXT version 2

Tuesday 30 March 2004This is 19 years old. Be careful.

XSLT is a powerful technology that uses some unusual constructs compared to more traditional programming environments. I like it, in fact, I use it to generate the page you are reading right now. But it is an XML dialect, meaning that if you want to write XSLT, you are stuck with the horrible-for-humans XML syntax.

To solve this, Alex Moffat has written XLSTXT, an alternative syntax for XSLT. It’s a great idea, but the implementation needs some work. Some of my XSLT constructs occupied more lines as XSLTXT constructs, and I couldn’t roundtrip some of my complicated files. But I’m glad to see that someone is thinking about other ways for people to produce XSLT code.


If typing XML annoys you, I have an extremely simple tool that translates XML to AML and back. A core ideas is to use indentation instead of closing tags. And implemented in Python of course :-)

Have a look at the online demo .
There is some more information but the project is low priority for me now. I can improve it for instance using ' instead of """ as a delimiter for text content. But hey, it works and I use it personally when I have to type too much XML.

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