Race car birthday cake

Saturday 27 March 2004This is more than 19 years old. Be careful.

For our second March birthday, we made a race car cake:

Race car cake, front view
Race car cake, back view

The headlights are malted milkball candies, the front bumper is a licorice Twizzler, the front wheels are chocolate covered cookies, the windshield is a Hershey’s bar, the antenna is a thin pretzel, the back wheels are chocolate covered doughnuts, the brake lights are cherry Dum-Dums with their handles sunk into the cake, the exhaust pipe is another Twizzler, and the spoiler is a frosted graham cracker supported by wafer cookies.

I record it here for posterity, because the cake itself is already gone, down the gullets of a couple of dozen six-year-olds.


I googled race car and this showed up thanks for the cute idea!
can u tell me how to mold a cake in the shape of the 'car' from the 'cars' movie? or, do u know someone who can? tyvm, cak
Thanks for the specs. I'll make this one for my daughter's fifth. She wants a race car birthday.
Kristin Batchelder-Eis 1:15 PM on 8 Jul 2008
I am making a car birthday for my son, but saw your last name. Wondered if you had any origins in Wiscsonsin or Idaho because Batchelder isn't a common last name. We all lived in Idaho, but came from Wisconsin originally when we moved to this country.
thanks for the idea! I reckon even I can achieve a glory such as yours...

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