Google search by number

Tuesday 2 March 2004

Perhaps even more impressive than Google’s complete capture of the textual web search arena are its continuing efforts to make absolutely all information available through its web site. Now they give us search by number, which includes an esoteric assortment of numeric searches (vehicle identification numbers?). For example, you can search for patents by patent number: patent 6351767


Maybe we can finally paralyze Google by asking it to find the smallest "uninteresting" natural number.
Sylvain Galineau 10:36 AM on 3 Mar 2004
Finally ? Why finally ?...Why would anyone want to paralyze Google ?
Sylvain: Because anything popular is inherently evil and must be stopped. Don't you remember the old Star Trek episode where they got they forced some android to consider a contradiction and smoke started pouring out of his neck? Kinda like that.

In case it's not obvious ;-) ;-) ;-)

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