43folders and quicksilver

Tuesday 28 September 2004This is over 18 years old. Be careful.

Two productivity memes are swirling through the blogosphere. I like them both, but because I am a Windows user, I’m mostly an envious bystander.

  • 43 Folders is a blog about productivity, especially on computers. It has tips and tricks, software recommendations, and so on. Too bad it is so Mac-centric.
  • Quicksilver is a Mac OS X utility which is unusally slick and stylish even by Mac standards. It’s like a keyboard wizard which does what you mean. The best quote about it I’ve seen is “after using Quicksilver, Macs without it seem broken”.


While QuickSilver may be Mac only, the book that is the inspiration for 43folders.com is called 'Getting Things Done', and I believe that it's cross platform. :-)
You may be interested in AppRocket, which is sort of the Windows equivalent to Quicksilver. By most accounts it's fairly limited compared to the real thing, but I've found it very useful. And right now it's half price.
I've read parts of Getting Things Done, and indeed, it is cross-platform!
So Quicksilver is another one of those "revolutionary" command line interface apps? I think I am picking up that reality distortion zone effect again.. :)

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Actually QuickSilver really is nifty, and I've tried all kinds of launchers and their ilk in the past, both on Windows and the Mac.

It's not a command line utility though Jeff -- no idea where you got that idea! ;o)

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