Updates to commenting system

Tuesday 28 December 2004This is close to 19 years old. Be careful.

While I was trying to debug the problem with my old host, I got back into my commenting code, and while I was in there, I made a few upgrades. Now URLs are auto-linked, and the problem with fancy HTML entities losing their specialness during preview was fixed. There’s also some simple-minded spam prevention that’s been in there for a few weeks (it’s just a blacklist of words, but it works for me so far).

Actually, I’m a little flattered that my system is getting any comment spam. I would have thought the spammers would rely on details of widely-used blogging and commenting systems to write their bots. Since my blog and comment system is entirely home-grown, some filthy spammer must have specially coded for this site. Sweet of them to have thought of me.

In any case, I don’t get much, and it is formulaic enough (and verbose enough!) that a small blacklist prevents it. Someday, maybe I’ll need a fancier technique, like Elliot Back’s Spam Stopgap Extreme which relies on client-side MD5 hashing in JavaScript to ensure no bots can get through.


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