Home alone

Saturday 31 July 2004This is 19 years old. Be careful.

My wife Susan has a piece in Sunday’s New York Times: Home Alone, about teaching our son to be independent.

BTW: I took the photograph that accompanies the article. It is Nat receiving a medal at his Special Olympics swim meet, and it is probably the happiest he has ever looked in a photograph. In fact, it is unusual for him to be looking directly at one so unabashedly in any circumstances. I smile every time I see that picture, so I’m glad they ran it.


That...is...AWESOME! Big big congrats to Sue!!!
Wow-great photo of Nat. I haven't seen him in some years and I cannot believe how grown up he looks - very good looking kid and nice big smile. Very moving article - I am so happy to hear Susan is writing a book, I look forward to reading it. As a new mother I can (on some small level) understand the feelings of endless hope one has for a child - it has to be so. What good parents you and Susan are.


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